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Identities Compromised After Documents Not Properly Discarded

A long-time disabilities counselor in Portsmouth, Ohio employed by the state to help people find jobs, is in hot water with the Ohio Inspector General's office for dumping confidential records.

State officials said that the counselor was placed on administrative leave Tuesday after discarding those documents in a dumpster.

The documents that were found in the dumpster next to the Portsmouth office contained social security numbers and medical records.

Town Mistakenly Puts Personal Data In Trash

An article posted to the website of Connecticut-based TV station WFSB on October 1st reports that Shelton, CT authorities are saying sensitive personal information placed in a public dumpster was a "mistake."

According to the report, police are investigating but it seems the city employees charged with cleaning out an old school building tossed the personal records in the trash without considering the sensitivity of the information.

The report also states that the town’s citizens put at risk by this action are very concerned.

Indiana Attorney General Files Complaints On Pharmacy Chains

As reported by Rob Luke in on September 20th, Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter is taking a lesson from his Texas counterpart in taking action against companies who put personal information at risk.

The state’s top law enforcement officer filed complaints August 31st with the Indiana Pharmacy Board against 14 Indianapolis-area pharmacies and 14 individual pharmacists for failing to protect sensitive patient medical information.

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