Updates & Changes Due to Covid-19

As of 1/3/22

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our employees and clients is our priority. Without A Trace drivers will arrive at your location fully vaccinated, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing at all times. If your business has any other additional site specific requirements, please contact our office at (207) 883-4700 before your next scheduled service.

Business Considerations

As you know, many companies have employees working remotely which has created new obstacles in the secure destruction of confidential information. Did you know people working remotely increases the chances of confidential information ending up in town recycling and trash? Do you or your company have a plan for maintaining the secure destruction of confidential information while employees work from home? Here are some measures to consider:

Do you or your employees working remotely have a designated container (box, bag, tote) at home in which to place documents, notes etc. that contain confidential information?

Is your business arranging times for employees working remotely to bring their confidential items from home into the office to put into the Without A Trace bins and consoles on a consistent basis?

We are here to work with you in navigating these challenging times. Please contact our Without A Trace office at (207) 883-4700 to discuss how we can meet your individual business’ needs.

Residential Considerations

All residential clients must have items in the garage, porch, shed or other outdoor area. Please visit our FAQ page to read which items can and cannot be shredded before calling our office at (207) 883-4700 to schedule an appointment.